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Ways On How To Make Money On-line


The internet has provided many ways money can be made on-line. In this article, you’ll be exposed to the different ways on how to make money on-line. It is such a pity that, even with the numerous opportunities available for us on-line, we really don’t know how to leverage on it’s usage.

Making money on-line is another means of working from home. Right from your home, without taking a step outside, you’ll be working and earning massively. It only takes us our time, in discovering ourselves to know which aspect we can work on.

On this article, I’ll be explaining on the types and how to make use of it but the best and easiest way to make on-line is to learn a digital skill. There are many digital skills available such as; Digital Marketing – Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Search Engine Marketing, E-mail marketing, Pay-Per Click and so on.

You can also use your natural skill to earn as much as you can, provided you give it what it deserves such as Writing – Song writing, Proposal writing, Article writing, Story writing and any other form of writing that might exist.

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Various Ways Of Monetizing The Internet

 Digital Marketing

You can earn money by learning any digital skills such as; Content marketing, Pay-Per Click, Social Media Marketing and others. There are many skills and opportunities embedded in the skill Digital Marketing. Below are the short description on some of the skills;

 Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of creating contents like video graphics, info-graphics, case study and others so as to generate audience interest.

Search Engine Optimization

This deals with creating contents on specific search keywords that target some specific audience and optimizing it, leading back to the content.


This is the ability to work independently and on temporary terms/contracts rather than for a long term employer. You post your work ability on-line and await being contacted by a client – one who is in need of your service and you work for him/her, based on you both agreement.

There are two platforms that allows you, to advertise your skills and await to be called upon by a client, via your message section, provided your advert is persuasive enough. The two most popular and used platforms are; Fiverr and Upwork

Various skills can be advertised on these two platforms that gives you the chance to make money on-line and these are; Website designing, Search Engine Optimizer, Affiliate Marketer, Article writer, Programming, E-mail marketer, etcetera.

In any of these, you must not give a false information about yourself or what you can do as this will lead to immediate suspension of account and also, it’s not a platform where you can scam clients.

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Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best option in a place, where you don’t have the time or resources to own a blog. Having a blog would have been the best option but not all can give it what it demands. Aside your resources, you need to devote your time so that you can be able to earn from it.

Guest posting is the act of writing on a blog and getting paid which can be based on words length or terms and conditions, as being agreed by you and the blogger yet, there are certain process you need to follow, for you yo be able to guest post. You can learn that one one of my blog post which talks on How To Earn Money On-line As A writer.


Other ways you can earn money on-line is by reviewing products and completing surveys on-line. You get paid by doing all these and getting to your minimum withdrawal, you choose how to get your money.

You can also be a v-logger. V-logger are those with YouTube channel, talking about a particular niche, probably on News update, Fashion, Agriculture, Health etcetera.

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