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My Questionnaire

My name is Ayeka Bright, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University. A writer, blogger and digital marketer.

As an occupant of the campus community, I noticed that the environment encompasses potentials, who are basically students that are either business owners or startup founders(although, focusing on business owners), but the environment isn’t enabling enough, to support and streghthen the relationship between those who suppliess and those that demands.

In my attempt to providing a solution to it, I came up with an idea, an innovation for the undergraduate community to foster the interactions between the creators and consumers i.e sellers and buyers, thus led to the origination of this survey.

I would implore each and everyone of us to please, fill in the accurate information as this data is very essential for the success of this project.

Thanks for your time!

Your most easily accessible number
If it is different from your Hotline
For security reasons, we have come up with this idea. Once you register your bank details with us, you'll be paid at your chosen period. You'll always get a call when a payment for your product has been confirmed so as to get the product across
There's high possibility of getting a buyer request from a far distance. Which one would you go for?
Sellers will be required to create an account either a free or paid account. Paid account are; Basic, Standard and Premium